The first private university in Thailand offers Doctor of Pharmacy degree (Pharm. D). Siam University’s Doctor of Pharmacy is 6 years curriculum and the curriculum has been accredited by the Pharmacy Council of Thailand and the Commission on Higher Education of Thailand.

Teaching :
          Faculty of Pharmacy, Siam University has introduced the new era of education by utilizing Patient Oriented (PO) and Problem Based Learning (PBL) as the main teaching methods. Faculty of Pharmacy provides the learning environment for students such as problem solving exercises and case studies in order to develop knowledge and critical thinking skills consistent with high professional standards in pharmacy.

Learning by practicing :
          Pharm. D students at Siam University will have a great opportunity to learn by practice as early as summer class in second year. The integration of knowledge and practice will be emphasized for Pharm. D students here. Faculty of Pharmacy joins with many leading organizations and prominent hospitals in Thailand such as Police general hospital, Phayathai lll hospital, Thonburi hospital, Taksin hospital, Bumrungrad hospital and etc. In addition, we join with one of the leading chain pharmacy in Thailand (Fascino) to establish Fascino – Osoth Siam pharmacy to serve community around university campus. Affiliation with the organizations and companies would provide great opportunities for Pharm. D students to learn by  practicing in one of the best professional environment in Thailand.

Mission :
          To fulfill the needs of the country in providing qualified pharmacists with academic excellence, professional competency and ethical principle in both hospital settings and community pharmacy.

Vision :
          Faculty of Pharmacy, Siam University aims to stand as the leading private university to develop efficient and effective pharmacists with high ethical values.

Name of the degree :
               Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharmaceutical Care) Pharm.D. (Pharm. Care)

Curriculum :
              Pharmacy students, Siam University will have opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills necessary to become excellent pharmacists.
            Our curriculum emphasizes the important of professional ethics and principles and trains students toward patient-oriented integration of knowledge and skills. The curriculum offers the opportunity for second year until sixth year students to experience the real life practice in hospital settings, community settings and other pharmacy professional settings.

          Duration of the course                             6   years
Total credits required :                         222   credits
General education requirements          32   credits
Professional requirements                   184   credits
Basic professional courses                     36   credits
Specialize professional courses           114   credits
Professional practiced courses              34   credits
Pharmacy elective                                     6   credits